Monday, February 23, 2009

updates for 3 days

Hey. I had not been blogging for quite a while because I was too busy with other stuffs.
Let me tell you what I've been busy with.


I went to Eastpoint for lunch . Well, I saw YES.933 DJ s and also S.H.E.!!!!haha. The whole event was so high and it was so crowded with fans and visitors.Almost like 500-1000 people queuing up for autograph !!S.H.E. arrived at around 2pm and started singing some songs till 3PM when the autograph session started.

Crowded ISN'T ??!!! So Many FANS!!

Well, i was at home at around 3:30pm and yeah, watching korean dramas to past time.


I went to downtown east to attend a family day event.

Yeah and that's the sponsered lunch that we had. Though a little dry and not so nice, but well, its free!
I went Back to SP for lessons and we had a pretty slack time. After the completion of design and content of powerpoint, we started surfing the net and plurking and facebooking . :) Spent about 2 hours surfing the net before the whole presentation started. By the way, I had macdonalds today. No student meal sadly. But the design is quite nice. And went home after the whole presentation.It is also raining when i went home!! haha!
And yes, Just completed my application. It took me such a long time what to write and what to add on.. So so tough!! haha.. Will be submitting it very soon.
Well, thats all and hope to see you around .

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