Friday, February 13, 2009

Mawai Camp DAY 1

Yes, I'm finally back and as promised from my facebook, I will start posting the events that we DPA students go through during the Mawai camp.

Well, On the first day.

I wake up at 05 30 to prepare all the things and brought along 5 sets of clothes, more than the recommended sets. And then , took Mrt at 0600 and reach SP at 06 45 .. It was so dark.. Never go to school so early before and pretty quiet.. Then make my way to the SAA and i am the only one whose bag is so damn big. Seriously big and heavy.

After some photo taking , we set off to take the buses. But some of our group members forget their passport and have to wait till 0815 to set off.. (45 mins later than the scheduled time)...

And we reach Tuas at 0900 .. Pretty fast with no jams. I cleared using the automated system though they said that only biometric passports can clear using the automated system.

Complete rubbish okay. Those above 16 can use the automated system le.

And i am the first to clear the customs (So great feelings) .. haha!

After which, we stop at a place to eat. So damn ex lol.. Though compared to here is so much cheaper. But being a frequent malaysia traveller, it is so much expensive.

And at around 0930 , we set off to the 2 hours journey, going to very ulu places.Reaching there at around 1130 and with some interesting briefing, everyone started off unpacking. Very very near to the forest and nature.

After which at around 12 30, we had lunch and after which, some water obstacles and building of raft till 17 00 ! Pretty fun and our rafts simply don't work!

And dinner at around 1800 and simply free ... we talk and talk till the firefly cruise!So nice the fireflies but the speed boat just spoil the mood and the atmosphere..

Pretty errie the place and they pointed the 2 bunks that are haunted just across our boat!!!OMG! the place is all covered with jungles and very very quiet.... So haunted !!

And after which,we had our supper and sleep! We will continue the Camp DAY 2 tomorrow!

See You! ANd continue to support us!

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