Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lecture on Friday

Hey. Yesterday was quite a fun day because we had effective Speaking Skills. It aims on talking and interacting well with others and also improving language.So, yeah, quite okay but kept going toilet. I dont know why . Maybe drink too much water already so keep going to the toilet.

Well, I had macdonalds this afternoon.

Yeah,Stanley. You are absolutely right. I am going to blog about this.(as usual).

Stanley said, "yeah, you are going to snap a picture and blog about it right? "

He's right. hahaha.. thats a bit crazy but blogging is a hobby to me now even when eating.

okay. Cut the crap. Here's my macdonalds.

Big MAC Value Meal.

They said it is cheaper than outside. I dont know because I dont eat macdonalds alot . You should know the reason why .

And after that, we went to the library to borrow some VCDS and CDS. I borrowed Secret and Death Note 2 and another VCD(Forget the name already).

And yes, next week, i going to borrow the high definition VCDS( Blueray).

Thats what they call it.

And after lecture and story telling, I went to Jurong point.


Jurong Point is so damn hugh and got Fair Price XPRESS. I went there to take a sample. The sample is used to clear acnes and i wanted to try because it is the co-sponser for campus superstar and seems effective . So, feeling curious because I havent been there before, I went there and the NTUC is opened 24 HOURS!

(as usual, pictures.. LOVE SNAPPING PICS.. so, intending to buy pixon really soon!)


Above is FAIRPRICE XTRA . The image so clear right. Though my samsung E-250 is not so good, but the image is so good. hhaha

And 2nd picture is the group of students giving out the samples to clear acnes.Interesting.

3RD picture, the place is so dark and cool. A little like malaysia.

YES, thats all.

After touring the whole shopping centre, I took a train back from boon lay and it was so crowded.No place to sit till Jurong east. Crowded because no passengers can board at Boon lay when the train pulls in from Lakeside. Can only take the train from Joo Koon .

That's all.

Bye. Enjoy ur weekends!

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