Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flirt, Date, Fall in Love

Still could not find a true love partner? Well, passion search is the best place where you can search for your true love.

I went to explore about passion search since I am still single .

Here are some of the easy procedures that you have to take:

Firstly, you will have to select the gender, age and click the country that you are searching for. After which, enter your age and you are required to enter your email for verification purposes.

I felt that the process was hassle-free since you were not required to enter lots of information like address but you had to enter some questions like your interests for you to find your partner easier. After a few questions, I was directed to the login area. I entered my password and was requested to upload a photo of myself to increase the profile views and of course, the success to meet the other half.

What I loved was that the Website provided animated selections with a virtual character welcoming you to the Website. This had sparked my interest to continue surfing the Website.

What I did not like was that when I entered the site, the layout was not organized properly and words were all jumbled up. I would suggest a toolbar to be placed to direct visitors to other areas of the website. And words were also covering some part of the website which were very frustrating.

In all, I am quite satisfied with the content and the services they provide. It is complementary so why not you give it a try too? Good luck!


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