Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Went to orchard & change of blog header.

Hey. My Vaio got into some connection problems at the wirless hotspots, so i decided to go to Wisma Atrium at Orchard for repair. Then suddenly,it ran out of power and luckily, the staff got extra power adapter for my laptop. ABout 30 minutes, it was configured and done behind the scene.. haha..

And after which, i went to CentralPoint Harvey to develop my photo. And never did i know that it was so far from Wisma. Long time didn't go orchard so don't quite recognise the place well. finally manage to reach there 20 minutes later. My CS VAIO was pretty heavy so i don't know how i will be able to carry it to SP when school term starts yeah? hahah..

When i reach my house MRT, it was going to rain so i went to CC to use internet . haha..

Anyway, i have changed my blog's name.

It has been changed to

X Are You reading what EVERYONE'S reading ?! X

Everyone refers to all ages and visitors . We had successfully targetted visitors from ALL OVER THE WORLD including Iraq,Korea,Japan,Malaysia,thailand,America and many more countries . Indonesia also yeah.Better than some famous bloggers that only target vistors in their own country like singapore.

okay. thats all. haha

going to school for marketing tomorrow. yeah. pretty boring but will try to enjoy myself.

Bye and going for dinner!

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