Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hey! Having been using laptop since 1pm today. Our lecturer damn cool sia... Early dismissal because no computer labs are available.. So, we went off at 11:30 am .. Great right?!

Haha.. ANd then went to food court for lunch .. I pack home because more comfortable mah..

And this is what i had ate!Delicious... The aroma... and the juicyness!!

NICE RIGHT????!!! hahahhah!!

Makes me hungry againn....:)

And on VALENTINE'S DAY, since still single, so celebrate myself! Bought burger king at 9pm :D !!

haha!Ate Whopper burger and upsize fries and coke :)

And that's all.. Will upload more pictures and entries about mawai camp because photos are still with the school...

Okays. BYE!

Remember to come back!:*)

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