Friday, February 13, 2009

CSU Learning Partner

Well, during these terrible economic downturns, have your company decided on the precautions that should be taken to allow both employees and employers to benefit from them?

If you have not taken such precautions, Columbia Southern University is offering a Free Learning Partner Program which includes online degree and certificate programs at a special discounted partnership tuition rate for your employees and members. Not only do your employees will enjoy this programme, their spouses and children will also be able to benefit from it.

Well, you may be asking What are the benefits of becoming a Partner of Columbia Southern University?

Firstly, employees and members will enjoy 10% tution discount, online qualifications and programmes are available, flexible on-demand courses that do not have any obligations and best of all, waiver of application fees!

Secondly, in terms of organisation, it is completely free to join and no contract and commitment for becoming a learning partner! It will also allows your company to gain more exposure and create a more educated and quality workforce that are essential during these times.

Lastly, CSU offers several Federal Financial Aid programs that your employees will be able to enjoy , hence the expenses of taking a new and higher qualification will not be so costly!

Therefore, do visit for more information on becoming one of the CSU Learning Partners and hope that your company will be able to benefit from the programmes!

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