Monday, February 02, 2009


Hey! I have lots and lots of great fun today! SO excited until i cant sleep today!

Yes, i went for today's first day PPP and it was great! Firstly, registration.. I was given the wrong group file and have to exchange it for pink.. Pretty blur after so long didnt attend school!

Next, the principal speaks and mentions lots of things. Luckily, it was only a 15 mins chat! And we got a chance to meet up with all the other seniors who are DPA!

haha.. Buffet breakfast and met my lecturer! He also advices me to go for the IDA schloarship. But i do not know my DAE results yet. So, have to wait. wait.

And next, lunch. Had a japanese meal! Only $2.50 okays?! Very cheap, isn't it.

WHen i went to my table, i saw Shazlin! HAHA! Didnt see her but she called me ! And she knew i DPA also!:) haha!

And then went to SP library. WAS SO HUGH! And pretty cool with all the CNN,BBC Subscriptions at media centre!:)

So excited and tomorrow going bedok reservoir for dragonboat and forest trecking! Looking forward to it!

So, good lucks!

And met lots of friends!!:) Can go school together! YAY!

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