Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Yes, today is tuesday. I am feeling quite bored during the IDEAS lesson because we are using this new software which is ZBRUSH. i dont know if you have heard before ZBRUSH but it is used for making characters

wierd , unique characters

Have some fun pulling and freezing the whole thing to put some colour and stuff.

For Lunch ,i had Nasi Brayni . It was so cheap , only $2.50 which chicken and curry. Quite nice . Come to SP is like going to a food fair so, the place is called Food Haven!

And went back, had an hour lecture and then dismissed at 2:15pm. What i love about poly is that there is no ropes or strings attached,which means you are dismissed at any time but the bad thing is that there will not be any seats for you to sit till city hall or kallang.. So, good luck if you are unable to stand.

Oh yes, next tuesday, WE ARE GOING SHOPPING!

no joke.


Real Shopping.

So, we are going 3 places like Orchard ,maybe Bras Brasah and Changi Airport as Final Destination. I am so lucky because i just stay nearby, a 10 mins ride home!!!

Thats all and it is getting late.Good Night!

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