Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hey. i was so tired today after 2 hours of lecture. It was marketing again. Well, exams are around the corner so i have to start mugging yeah. haha.. Because I dont understand anything about it. After that , we had lunch at 11:00am and I had fried rice with fish(fried) upsize at $2.60. So cheap right?! The auntie even gave me upsize for free because maybe i am too adorable to resist for giving more yeah?! ahha!

Went back for tutorial at 12:30pm. We had some discussion for project and done a tutorial. Went home at 2:15pm.

Heavy rain today and i can forecast that it rain daily at noon.Yes, so please bring along your umbrella with you daily when you want to go out at noon.

And yeah, just for your information, I was successful in my appeal. Course changed from INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY to INFOCOMM SECURITY MANAGEMENT!Still in SP though. Only change course.

yeahhh!!!Thank you very much to SP and Buddha because this is at first my 1st choice and now i GOT IN.!!!!!!! Recieved the letter yesterday night.

So happy and got to go. Bye.

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