Thursday, February 05, 2009


yes.. i have not uploaded the DPA t-shirts but i believe that some of my friends have seen it! It's pretty cool but prefer the words to appear gold!:) yeah!

Anyway, today went to sch at 9am and then reach at 9:45. am. then my friends are late so have to wait until 10:30. A little bored but i charge my hp while waiting...

And then after finish, we went to SAVH for community service. Nope, not there to help the visually disabled. It is to clear weeds and stuff.. Pretty bored yeah?

Anyway, then reach home at 6pm.. So so tired. and then tomorrow have to go sungei buloh! And reaching home at 7pm tomorrow.. So, see you!

And yes, thank you for the great comments that you guys have given me!:)

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