Saturday, February 14, 2009

PPP Sucks

oh yes.
I am seriously upset with payperpost. I have actively participate in payperpost and post quality posts and gotten 3 tacks out of 5 but got kicked out just this noon.I am not fed up because i am kicked out, it is just because there is no requirements or content that tells us why we were kicked out. And it just gives us a very nonsence comment that we do not meet the requirements. This is seriously unfair because we can alter the mistakes to hopefully get approval again but now, just telling us that we do not meet them.
Hence, just hope that ppp can look into this.
During this economic downturn, please help us. We will suffer more if you just reject us though we are loyal to ppp for years.

If you visit , you will see my comments as stated there. I am still wondering whats the reason for my pagerank to decrease from 2 to 0. And now I know whats the reason.

Well, just an attention to all visitors, we will remove all ads regarding to ppp from 13 march 09 , so, you wont see them anymore since we got rejected.

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